How To Fix VIZIO TV Remote Not Working on Apple TV

Text How To Fix VIZIO TV Remote Not Working on Apple TV

Just because your VIZIO TV remote is not working on Apple TV doesn’t necessarily mean you have to call for repairs. Compatibility issues can stem from various software problems. There’s a good chance that you merely have to configure your streaming box and smart TV.

That said, fixing infrared (IR) remotes might not sound appealing when you’re already in the mood to binge-watch your favorite shows. To hasten things, I made a list of quick, effective solutions. They address the most likely causes of these errors so that you don’t waste time troubleshooting.

What To Do if VIZIO TV Remote Is Not Pairing With Apple TV

1. Turn HDMI-CEC off and on Again

Time needed: 5 minutes

If there’s no HDMI-CEC signal on your VIZIO TV, you might have accidentally disabled it, or it could need a reset—turn it off and on again to clear minor bugs. Here’s where you’ll find it:

  1. On your tvOS settings, open Settings > Remotes and Devices.

    Clicking Remotes and Devices Section tvOS
    Image Credits: Aire Theater Designs

  2. Go to Home Theater Control.

  3. Toggle on or off the button for Control TVs and Receivers.

    Clicking Control TVs and Receivers on Apple TV

2. Remove Signal Obstructions

Double-check if there’s anything in the way of your TV, remote, and Apple TV hardware. Since IR remotes use signals, physical obstructions could prevent them from connecting with the correct sensors. Just to be sure, go near your streaming box when troubleshooting.

3. Check Remote Battery

Like any IR remote, your VIZIO TV remote will become unresponsive once its batteries die.

  1. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry open the remote’s battery compartment.
  2. Replace the two AAA batteries with a fresh pair.
    Open Battery Compartment Remote
    Image Credits: Samsung
  3. Close the battery compartment again.

4. Set Up Learn Remote Again

Repeating the setup process on your unresponsive IR remote could resolve signal recognition issues.

  1. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > General > Remotes.
    Opening Remote Section on Apple tvOS
    Image Credits: How To
  2. Click Learn Remote.
    Clicking Learn Remote on Apple tvOS Settings
  3. Select Start and then follow the on-screen instructions for configuration.
    Configuring IR Remote on Apple TV

5. Restart Apple TV and VIZIO TV

Restarting your Apple TV hardware and VIZIO TV could fix minor software issues and compatibility glitches between them.

  1. To turn off Apple TV, go to Settings > Sleep Now.
    Opening the Apple TV Settings Sleep Now
    Image Credits: WorldofTech
  2. For your VIZIO TV, press the power button on the side panel of the unit since your remote is not working.

6. Factory Reset Apple TV and VIZIO TV

As a last-ditch resort, you can factory reset your Apple TV hardware and VIZIO TV. This step should clear the function or feature interfering with your remote’s IR signals. Just note that you’ll completely wipe your settings preferences, so prepare to set up your devices from scratch.

Here’s how to factory reset your Apple TV hardware:

  1. Open Settings > System > Reset.
  2. Click Reset and Update, or just Reset if you’ve already installed the latest tvOS.
    Selecting Reset and Update on Apple TV
    Image Credits: Tech With Emilio

Here’s how to factory reset your VIZIO TV:

  1. From your VIZIO TV’s home screen, go to System > Reset & Admin > Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
    Factory Reset VIZIO TV to Default Settings
    Image Credits: TroubleshootIngGuy
  2. You might have to input a code—the default code is 0000 unless you’ve already set a different combination.

Contact Apple Support and VIZIO Support if your TV remote is still not working. Since you’ve already exhausted most software troubleshooting solutions, the next step would be to check for hardware damage. Of course, you can also check for compatibility issues by testing AirPlay on your VIZIO TV.

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