Is it Worth Getting AppleCare+ for AirPods? (2024)

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One of the biggest decisions you have to make after purchasing an Apple product is whether or not to pay for Apple Care. Although warranties are often useless, AppleCare+ has been a rare exception for many years. AirPods present some unique challenges because they are small and can easily fall out of a wearer’s ear. That leaves many people wondering if AppleCare is a must for AirPods.

What Is Included With AppleCare+ for AirPods?

AppleCare+ is a two-year warranty that starts when you purchase the device. The first thing you get with it is priority technical support. You can call or chat with Apple experts 24/7 to get any help with your AirPods. Additionally, you can walk into an Apple Store to receive service. Alternatively, Apple provides prepaid shipping labels to send your AirPods to a repair facility. They will even expedite your replacement.

AppleCare+ protects against product defects and accidental damage. That includes the AirPods’ batteries and charging case. If your AirPods suddenly fail, you will not have to pay anything out of pocket for repairs or a replacement. However, accidental damage incurs a $29 service fee. Accidental damage could include stepping on an AirPod and cracking it or dropping it in a puddle of water.

How Much Does AppleCare+ for AirPods Cost?

The cost for AppleCare+ for AirPods is broken down into two categories. The first includes nearly all models of AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Beats. The cost for AppleCare+ is $29 for all AirPods and Beats in this category. The second category includes AirPods Max headphones and AppleCare+ costs $59. The significantly higher cost of AppleCare+ is due to the high cost of AirPods Max.

Additionally, there is no option to pay monthly for AppleCare+ for AirPods. Apple does not charge a deductible or any fees for repairing or replacing malfunctioning AirPods. However, they charge a $29 service fee for repairs caused by accidental damage. Remember, you must sign up for AppleCare+ within 30 days of purchasing the AirPods.

So, Is AppleCare worth it for AirPods?

AppleCare is more than a conventional product warranty. With it, you get access to Apple’s customer service and the ability to quickly repair or replace an item.

For most people, AppleCare will not be worthwhile for the base model AirPods. However, it is a pretty good deal for AirPods Pro. Additionally, you should consider how you plan to use the AirPods. People occasionally wearing them around the house have little risk of damage.

In comparison, many people use AirPods daily, which could wear out the battery prematurely. Similarly, if you use AirPods while cleaning out your swimming pool, it’s a good idea to get AppleCare. Overall, AppleCare for AirPods is very affordable and offers excellent coverage.

How to Get Service for Broken AirPods With AppleCare

Apple Support page to request service

You have two options to get your broken AirPods repaired with AppleCare. The first option is to visit a local Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider. Some locations require an appointment, but making one anyway is a good idea, so you don’t have to wait. Depending on the problem, you may get a replacement on the spot.

Visiting a local store is the fastest way to get AppleCare service for your AirPods. However, you can also mail your AirPods to Apple for repair. Apple provides a prepaid return label to people with AppleCare so they don’t have to pay for postage. Apple then mails the fixed product back when the repair is complete. The entire process is very quick; you can send the device off and have it back within two weeks.

It is best to go to the Apple Support page to find out what service options are available for your AirPods. You can choose what is wrong and verify your AppleCare coverage. Then, you can decide to bring the AirPods in for repair or ship them directly to Apple.

AppleCare Alternatives for AirPods

AppleCare is the best option to protect your AirPods because it is so easy to get service. However, you do have other options for extended warranties. Remember that AirPods comes with a one-year limited warranty covering manufacturer defects. Additionally, some credit cards offer extended warranty protection at no additional charge.

You can also get coverage through third-party warranty providers such as SquareTrade (Allstate), Progressive, and Asurion. This type of coverage is linked directly to the device’s value, and plans often cost more than AppleCare. Repairs require a deductible, and you must get new warranty coverage if they replace the AirPods outright.

Additionally, you would have to get coverage shortly after purchasing the device. To get warranty service, you will typically ship the item to a repair center and wait for a response. In most cases, they will mail you a check for the device’s value, and you will have to buy new AirPods.

2 thoughts on “Is it Worth Getting AppleCare+ for AirPods? (2024)

  • Bought an Apple AirPods Pro. Didn’t last two years. Brought it to a Genius Bar. They can repair it but for the price I’m better off buying a new one, $200+ for disposable earphones? No thanks. I am very happy with iPhones and Macs I’ve purchased the last 20 years but the one Apple product where I got far less value for the price I paid are the AirPods. Yeah, the $40 Chinese ‘hi-fi’ earbuds don’t sound as great but they’re good enough, they last at least as long, and I don’t feel like I’ve been scammed when they die. With the AirPods, Apple needs to up their durability game.

    1. Repairs without AppleCare+ really aren’t worth it most of the time. I, too, have had some problems with AirPods and consider them one of Apple’s weaker products. As you mentioned, the cheaper alternatives may not sound as good, but the high cost of AirPods is hard to justify when they don’t last that long.

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