4 Cloud Services to Torrent Files on iPad

Torrenting is a type of file sharing and while not inherently illegal, many torrent websites are filled with pirated material. Neither I nor The Mac Observer condone piracy. Now that our disclosure is out of the way, here are four cloud services I’ve found that let you torrent files on iPad (or iPhone). All of them have a free, limited account with optional paid upgrades.


  • Free account features: 1 GB cloud storage, 1 torrent at a time, download speed not guaranteed, unsecured HTTP downloads, and online streaming.


You can use this service without an account, but unregistered use is even more limited than free, registered use.

  • Free, registered account features: Online streaming, files available for seven days, 2 stored files at a time, 150 KBps download limit, 1 GB maximum file size.

Torrent files on iPad, like using Bitport as pictured here.


This is streaming file transfer over WebTorrent. I don’t know the limitations of Instant because the website is sparse, but it’s reasonable to assume it has the same or similar limits to the other free accounts.


Like Instant there aren’t hard specifications for free Offcloud accounts. You can have up to three links at a time.

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