iOS 14 lets you add captions to photos and it’s a great way to add more information to them to save your memories.

Add Captions to Photos

Adding captions to photos is as simple as tapping on a photo, swiping up, and adding text to the caption field. There doesn’t seem to be a way to add a caption to multiple photos as once, but that’s okay because the caption is most likely going to be unique to each photo.

Add captions to photos in iOS 14

For example, I’ve scanned old family photos and keep them in the Photos app. Captions help me remember information like names, locations, and context. Then I can tap on the search bar in Photos and relevant captions will appear there.

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Lee Dronick

Editing metadata?

Lee Dronick

I would love to be able to add and edit metadata on the iPhone.
And please let us choose which photos to put in iCloud. I may take a number of photos of subject, but only one is worth keeping.