iPadOS 15: How to Create Smart Lists in the Reminders App

iPadOS 15 smart lists in reminders

Reminders in iOS 15 | iPadOS 15 is getting a new feature called Smart Lists. These help you create lists using specific parameters with tags, dates, times, locations, flags, and priority.

Smart Lists in Reminders

To make a Smart List, tap Add List > Make Into Smart List. Or, you can create one from the tag browser. Choose one or more tags and tap Create Smart List. Regular lists can be turned into Smart Lists by tapping the three dot icon in the upper-left corner, select Name & Appearance, then tap Make Into Smart List.

When you create a Smart List you’ll be asked to select filters: Date & Time, Location, Flag, Priority, and Tags if you have any. For example, you can create a list that shows you all reminders due in the afternoon. You can change the filters at any time. Tags can be added when you create or edit a reminder. Look for the # hashtag/pound symbol.

Once you’ve tapped Done to create your Smart List it will appear in My Lists section. You can see which ones are smart at a glance because the icon will show a tiny gear in the corner.

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