Developer of 'Apollo' Reddit Client Announces App to Kill Google AMP Pages

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Christian Selig, creator of the best Reddit client on iOS, has released two new apps. Achoo is an HTML viewer and inspector, and Amplosion redirects you away from Google’s contentious AMP web pages. Achoo HTML Viewer & Inspector: Achoo allows you to easily view the HTML for the webpage you’re viewing in Safari. It shows the HTML (as well as any inline CSS and JavaScript) with beautiful and fast syntax highlighting. You can share the HTML you’re viewing, allowing you to easily inspect it on an external device of your choosing, or send it to a friend, or simply copy it to your clipboard. Amplosion: Amplosion automagically redirects AMP pages/links to their normal counterparts within Safari using an easy and elegant Safari extension. It’s completely open source, so with this transparency you can verify everything about the extension. Both of these take advantage of the new Safari extension system on iOS 15 | iPadOS 15

Developer of ‘Apollo’ Reddit Client Announces App to Kill Google AMP Pages

Geeks Scheming about Apple's California Streaming — Mac Geek Gab 890

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Apple announced new iPhones, iPads, Fitness+ features, Watches, and more on Tuesday, and your two favorite geeks are here to share their reactions. On top of that, listen for Dave’s pre-review of iOS 15 for you and John, as well as advice on how to approach next week’s upgrade. Press play and enjoy learning five new things!

AdGuard: 'People Should be Worried About Apple CSAM Detection'

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adguard CSAM detection twitter poll

Adblocking company AdGuard is the latest to offer commentary on Apple’s controversial decision to detect CSAM in iCloud Photos. The team ponders ways to block it using their AdGuard DNS technology.

We consider preventing uploading the safety voucher to iCloud and blocking CSAM detection within AdGuard DNS. How can it be done? It depends on the way CSAM detection is implemented, and before we understand it in details, we can promise nothing particular.

Who knows what this base can turn into if Apple starts cooperating with some third parties? The base goes in, the voucher goes out. Each of the processes can be obstructed, but right now we are not ready to claim which solution is better and whether it can be easily incorporated into AdGuard DNS. Research and testing are required.

Speed Testing iOS 15 Beta 6 and iOS 14.7.1

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Speed Testing iOS

The latest beta of iOS 15 is available now for both developers and iphone-ipad/">the public. The team over at Geeky Gadgets have put the newest build through its paces on a number of devices, both new and older. They’ve also compared boot-up times and app speeds to iOS 14.7.1 on the same devices. The results of speed testing iOS 15 Beta 6 and iOS 14.7.1 seem a bit surprising.

In the speed test with the iPhone XR the device running the new iOS 15 beta 6 was the first handset to boot up. There were no major speed improvements in the apps.

In the final speed test with the iPhone 11 the device running the iOS 14.7.1 softwarewas the first to boot up, there are no noticeable speed improvements in the apps.