iOS 15: How to Turn on Mail Privacy Protection

Mail Privacy Protection was one of the big features announced out at WWDC 2021. It blocks invisible pixels that senders use to collect information about the user – things like if an email is opened. The new feature also masks a user’s IP address, preventing it from being linked to any other online activity or used to determine their location. In iOS 15, it can be turned on in either the Mail or Settings app.

Turn on Mail Privacy Protection in iOS 15

After a user installs iOS 15 and opens the Mail app for the first time, they are greeted with a message briefing explaining Mail Privacy Protection and asking if they want to switch it on (see image below). Tapping the “Protect Mail activity” option at this point turns the feature on – hiding a user’s IP address and privately loading all remote content.

Mail Privacy Protection greeting message

Mail Privacy Protection can also be turned on and off in the Settings app. Got to Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection. There is a ‘Protect Mail Activity Option’ that can be toggled on (green) and off (grey). There are two options when Protect Mail Activity is set to off. Users can opt to ‘Hide IP Address’ and/or ‘Block All Remote Content’.

This is all based on the first iOS 15 Beta, so some specifics could change in the final public release.

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