Latest iOS 15.4 Beta Brings Custom Email Domain Settings

Since Apple added custom email domains to iCloud+, you’ve always had to set them up through a web site. It looks like Apple is bringing at least most of that functionality into the Settings app. As we’ve dug deeper into iOS 15.4 beta 1, we’ve found a new settings pane for the service.

What Is Custom Email Domain?

With this feature, iCloud+ subscribers can use the email service for their own personal domain names. For example, I can migrate email for my domain to use iCloud. I’m allowed up to three email addresses per domain, and up to five personal domains.

Subscribers who share iCloud+ with a Family Sharing group can likewise share their email domains with them. Then, anyone in the Family Sharing group can add a domain, choose whether or not to share it, and manage the email addresses for it.

Managing Your Domain Email in iOS Settings

To manage your the service from your iPhone or iPad, launch the Settings app. Next, tap your Apple ID at the top and navigate to iCloud > iCloud Mail > Custom Email Domain.

Latest iOS 15.4 Beta Brings Custom Email Domain Settings

If you’ve already set up a custom email domain, you can manage it here. This includes finishing domain setup, adding email addresses, or deleting your custom email domain.

You can also add a new custom email domain. Currently, however, the process eventually moves over to your browser to complete some steps via the iCloud web page. Of course, during setup you’re liable to have to switch to your browser anyways to change your mail settings with your domain hosting provider.

Who Can Benefit From for the Service?

This is a great feature for those with their own domain names who want easy email configuration and access. Other services, such as Google Domains and Workspace, charge a fee for each email user. That’s not the case here.

With iCloud+, the service included as part of the subscription. Even if you’re only on the $0.99/month 50GB storage plan, you’re an iCloud+ subscriber and can take advantage of custom email domains.

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