One of the latest features for Live Photos is the ability to add effects to your animated images. For example, you can now make your Live Photos have a “bounce” effect, where the animation runs continuously forwards and backwards. Watch as I show you how to achieve the new Live Photos Bounce Effect in this video tutorial.

live photos bounce effect

You can apply new Live Photo effects with iOS 11, like a bounce.

But I Don’t Wanna Watch a Video

Fair enough, it’s easy enough to describe how to achieve the Bounce effect in iOS 11. From Photos, just select the Live Photo you want to apply the effect to. Of course, with the new defaults in iOS 11, chances are that all of your photos are now Live. Anyways, select the one you want to Bounce.

Now, swipe up on the image until you see the Effects panel appear. There, you can select which of the new iOS 11 Live Photos effects you want to use. Choose Bounce, and the new effect will be applied. Unless you revert your changes, that photo will now show Bounce in the top left corner instead of Live Photo, and you’ll see the animation run forward and backwards.

Enjoying the Live Photos Bounce Effect

There are plenty of uses for the new Live Photos Bounce Effect. Perhaps you have a funny Live Photo of your dog bouncing off the couch, and want to watch it forwards and backwards over and over again. It’s easy to do, even though you used to need a separate app to pull it off. I happened to capture several Live Photos of baptisms this weekend, and turned one of them into a Live Photo Bounce image. It’s a fun way to highlight important moments, as well as emphasizing funny things you might notice.

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I’ve turned off Live Photos ao I don’t even shoot them. On the phone they move. On my iPad or Mac they are just stills. Never have gotten them to do manything off of my iPhone.


No I haven’t. I’ll give it a shot, but let’s just say I have low expectations.