There Ain’t No Such Thing as Free TV (TANSTAFTV)

Apple TV driving HDTV

The science fiction writer Robert Heinlein reminded us that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. (TANSTAFL). The same applies to TV. If you watch TV over the air, there will be commercials. Lots. If you subscribe to cable, most channels will also have commercials. If you stream or buy content that doesn’t have commercials (Blu-ray or the OTT services) you will pay what the industry sees fit for you. While cord cutting looks to be appealing cost-wise, for now, the industry is never going to settle for decreased revenues in the long run. A recent Hulu decision proves that.

One thought on “There Ain’t No Such Thing as Free TV (TANSTAFTV)

  • Big Scoop here, huh – that we live in a COMMERCIAL world. Still, you don’t have to be a CLONE. You can stream for free from many sites and the beauty is when a commercial break comes on the feed turns blank!!! These sites take care of all my non broadcast and all cable channels and sports. For broadcast TV you can easily get 50 channels or whatever is within a hundred miles or so in HD for free for your PBS and Independent channels (Get TV,Cozi,CW,MyMovie Channel etc.) as well as garbage from NBC/CBS/ABC/Fox if you wallow in clone-dom. For that ONE theatrical movie worth watching at home every year there’s always $1.60 Redbox. Don’t believe the crap from anybody – you can get ANYTHING for virtually free if you want. Once cable went over $60 a month (15 years ago) I fired them and never looked back and BOY does Time Warner hate me – and I don’t miss cable at all!!

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