Get Ready for the Gold iPhone 5S, or Maybe Not

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With reports of a September 10 iPhone media event circulating, analysts are offering up their ideas on what Apple will announce and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks well's see a faster A7 processor, up to 128GB of storage, and a gold model along with the familiar black and white versions. Wait, what? Gold?

A gold iPhone? That's what KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinksMr. Kuo said, "The new model will add a new look, a golden casing, and a new option for larger 128GB storage, to offer greater differentiation from iPhone 5."

Moving to a 64-bit A7 processor would give the new iPhone better overall performance in part because it's faster than the chips currently available in the iPhone 5, and Apple has already added a 128GB version to the iPad so it may be time to bump up the maximum storage for the iPhone, too. Mr. Kuo expects the new iPhone will stick with an 8 megapixel camera, but bump up to a bigger f/2.0 aperture and move to a dual LED flash.

He also thinks the iPhone 5S Home butting will include a built-in fingerprint sensor, echoing other rumors about the new device.

For the new iPhone's color options, however, sticking with just black and white seems far more likely than adding in gold. Outside of the iPod lineup, Apple has favored simple color options: For the iPhone and iPad it's black or white, and for its computers your only choice is aluminium.

Gold is a color Apple hasn't used for any of its products, and it doesn't seem likely it would start now, especially considering how difficult it is to make gold coloring work without coming off as garish -- a style that Apple definitely isn't interested in.

If we look at the iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle as a roadmap for where Apple could go with iPhone colors, we have blue, green, yellow, pink, silver, and black. Gold doesn't show up in that mix.

What seems more likely is that Apple would extend its current color lineup to the iPhone, and that's where the iPhone 5C comes in. Rumors claim Apple is ready to announce a lower priced iPhone model that will mark the end of selling the previous two iPhone versions at a discount. The 5C is said to come in several colors, and sticking with the colors the company already knows work and are popular makes good business sense.

Rainbow colors for the iPhone 5C and black or white for the iPhone 5S fits with Apple's mobile device track record. But gold? That feels like a stretch.

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The spy pictures I’ve come across online of the “gold” case have looked more like mustard to me.
I’ll believe it when I see it, maybe.



Gold is a color Apple hasn’t used for any of its products, and it doesn’t seem likely it would start now, especially considering how difficult it is to make gold coloring work without coming off as garish—a style that Apple definitely isn’t interested in.

Not historically true. The iPod mini came in gold for a time, with Steve Jobs even predicting it would be popular with the hip-hop crowd (see paragraph 5):

Gold didn’t prove popular, however, as the article shows. Therefore I can’t see then trying again, unless maybe it’s an option for the side steel band only.

Lee Dronick

I predict that the iPhone will not come in colors other than black or white. Moat people customize their iPhone with cases. I actually have this sunrise/sunset case that has a gold to orange red gradient.


“Moat people customize their iPhone with cases.’

Ah, the Moat people. And here’s me thinking they’re extinct.

Lee Dronick

Don’t forget the CHUDs


My son still has his gold iPod Mini…

Lee Dronick

As usual the local news, ABC affiliate, reported this pretty much as fact. The Onion has more credibility than this news station.

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