iTunes 12 gets Two-Factor Authentication

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Along with iOS 9, Apple released iTunes 12.3 on Wednesday. The update for the media management and streaming music app added two-factor authentication support for Apple IDs, along with iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan support.

iTunes 12.3 comes with security updates and bug fixesiTunes 12.3 comes with security updates and bug fixes

The 12.3 update also improved VoiceOver support for Apple Music, fixed an issue that prevented reordering of Up Next songs, addressed a problem with radio stations not appearing in Recently Played, and fixed an issue where "loved" songs on iOS didn't appear in "loved" in iTunes.

iTunes 12.3 is a free update and is available via the Update tab in Apple's App Store app.

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Hhmmm. The answer is “no”.

Home Sharing is back for iOS (hard to find, but there) but iTunes Match still says my library is too big. Won’t take my money :(

Philip Livingston

iTunes 12, Why I hate it

I don’t remember how long it was after I downloaded iTunes 12.2, that I tried to make a simple playlist on my Mac. I got totally pissed off that this simple task was no longer “intuitive.” I tried to open a new empty playlist, title it, and load music. There was no way to get either artists, songs, or albums, up so I could selected songs from them to move to my new playlist. How could some programmer screw this up? Where is the quality control in continuity? I googled, “I hate itunes 12,” and got a 2014 MacWorld article how to uninstall 12 and go back to version 11 by downloading and using Pacifist and App Zapper programs. After I did this my iPod gave me a message saying it no longer could connect unless I upgraded (back to) iTunes 12.2 (you can imagine my rage). So I plugged in my new iPad mini that I just paid $700 for. My iPad would not show up in “Devices” in iTunes 11. Now what the hell am I going to do with the three music libraries that no longer synchronize with each other? Saying that I am “Pissed,” is a little understated. Where can I go to get my music (in non-lossy format) in one place again and share it with my other devices? Do I have to get rid of my three Apple products and go back to shitty PC MP-3 files?

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