Safari 6 Resets AutoFill Preferences

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Safari 6 for OS X 10.7, released on Wednesday, gives Lion users the same Web browser features Mountain Lion users get, but also reactivates the app’s auto-fill preferences if they were previously shut off. While not a big deal for many users, it can be something of an annoyance for Mac owners that rely on third-party apps, like 1Password, to auto-fill Web forms.

With the AutoFill web forms User names and passwords feature enabled, Safari 6 users that rely on apps like 1Password to enter user names and passwords on websites will also see a dialog asking if they want to save the login information in Keychain — something they probably aren’t interested in since 1Password is already managing logins.

Luckily, it’s easy to disable the AutoFill feature. Here’s how:

  • Go to Safari > Preferences
  • Select AutoFill
  • Uncheck User names and passwords

Safari 6 reenables AutoFill settingsSafari 6 reenables AutoFill settings

With User names and passwords disabled, third-party login managers can do their thing without Safari 6’s AutoFill dialog popping every time users log into a password protected website.


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WTH happened to “Block Popup Windows” in the Safari Menu? Does it actually automatically block them all now and WORK?

Lee Dronick

Let us not forget Netflix pop unders.


Ok, so after a few hours use, I answered my own question. YES.

And if you haven’t updated to Safari 6, let me tell you, it’s as fast as lightning on page rendering. Snappy is an understatement. I have never seen a browser this fast. There are other changes too. The “search” box is now incorporated into the URL line. Just type everything there.

This is a major rewrite.

Dar crawford

Autofill on the iPad2 with ios6 not working.  What am I missing?

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