Steve Jobs Yacht Seized over Payment Dispute

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The yacht Apple co-founder Steve Jobs commissioned won't be leaving the dock any time soon thanks to a dispute over payment to the designer, Philippe Starck. Mr. Starck's lawyers had the yacht seized and it is now tied to a dock in Amsterdam until an agreement with Mr. Jobs's family can be reached.

Jobs family yacht seized over payment dispute with designerJobs family yacht seized over payment dispute with designer

Mr. Starck is disputing a €3 million difference in what the Jobs family paid him and what he thinks he was actually owed, according to Dutch News. His fee was based on 6 percent of the yacht's total cost, which was originally estimated at €150 million. The family said the actual cost came in at €105 million.

At the estimated cost, Mr. Starck would've made €9 million, but at the lower price he made only €6.

Mr. Jobs commissioned the yacht before his death in 2011, but didn't live to see it completed. The craft, dubbed Venus, is sleek just like Apple's retail stores with glass walls and teak woodwork, and is controlled by seven 27-inch iMacs.

The 80-meter long craft was finally finished in October 2012 and is now the property of his family -- or at least it will be once they settle the payment dispute. The Jobs family and Mr. Starck apparently became friends during the yacht's design and construction, so it's likely they'll reach an out of court settlement even though there wasn't ever a written contract for his services.

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yacht z.

Wait, the designer’s fee is a percentage tied to the total cost of the final product?  Doesn’t that just encourage him to make it as ridiculously expensive as he can? Why weren’t all the faucets and sinks designed to be made from 2. Inch thick platinum? 

+3 to the author for not calling this monstrosity “minimal” though, as others have and continue to.


I just think it’s one of the ugliest boats I’ve seen.

Lee Dronick

” just think it’s one of the ugliest boats I’ve seen.”

Yeah, and I served on a Newport class LST.

His yacht kind of looks like an Imperial Star Cruiser in tropical paint. I want to see photos of it from different angles, and the plan. Maybe the interior is more comfortable than the the meh aesthetics of the exterior.

Lee Dronick

Here is a port beam view


Seriously, It’s not that ugly, and at 260 feet, I’ll bet the interior is sumptuous.

Lee Dronick

Not that ugly is still ugly smile

Anyway, the design probably met Steve’s specifications and tastes, so sail and let sail.

When I Binged to see some photos of the yacht there were some of yacht interiors designed by Mr. Starck. I don’t know if they were of this yacht or not, but sumptuous would be an understatement of this guy’s work


There has to be another verb for using Bing as a search method.  “Binged” is already in use, and has an entirely different meaning.

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