Three Ways to Carry Apple Pencil with Your iPad Pro

If you have the new iPad Pro and you plan to/actually have an Apple Pencil to go with it, you might have noticed there really isn't a mechanism for keeping them together effectively. Luckily, there are a few options available thanks to people solving this problem for paper notebooks and actual pencils.

Once iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have been on the market a little longer, we expect several products designed for this purpose to come to market. If you can't until then, however, we found three exsiting products you can adapt (plus a bonus LOL). While there are many stylus quivers, cases, and holders on the market, the products below will all work on the iPad Pro's 12-inch form factor.

First up we have the Everyday Innovations Booksling designed as an elastic loop to slip over a notebook cover, this could also work on an iPad cover to hold the Apple pencil.

BookslingHere's the Booksling loop. slide this on a Smart Cover and carry your  Pencil with you.

Another elastic style loop is made by K & Company, makers of "SmashBooks." This is called a Smashband and it's made to slip around a SmashBook, but would work on an iPad cover. This would hold your Apple Pencil horizontally, as it has loops to hold several pens (or even a glue stick). 

Here's the SmashBand, which will hold several items horizontally.

If you want to carry the charging cable with you as well, you might want to look at something like the NeoCritz Transformer pencil case, which unzips and the top folds down to turn into a stand-up case.

The NeoCritz Transformer. Carry your Apple Pencil and its charging gear all at once.

Of course, any search for "apple pencil case" will inevitably turn up something that is technically correct, even if it isn't right.

Well, it IS an "Apple Pencil case" by definition.