VirnetX Sues Apple Again Over FaceTime Patents

Patent holding company VirnetX won a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple only days ago over the technology behing FaceTime video chats, and has already followed up with a second lawsuit for the same patents. This time, VirnetX is targeting the iPhone 5, fourth generation iPad, iPad mini, fifth generation iPod touch, and Apple's newest Mac computer models.

VirnetX wins lawsuit against Apple, uses the same patents in new Apple lawsuitVirnetX wins lawsuit against Apple, uses the same patents in new Apple lawsuit

The company said it filed a new patent infringement lawsuit because "these products were not included in the previous lawsuit that concluded with a Jury verdict on November 6, 2012."

VirnetX was awarded US$368.2 million as part of the verdict in the original patent infringement case, and is hoping to win an injunction blocking the sale of earlier iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.

The company cited patents 6,502,135, 7,418,504, 7,921,211 and 7,490,151, just as it did in the previous case. The patents cover virtual private network technology VirnetX claimed Apple is using in FaceTime without proper licensing.

VirnetX filed its lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division, which has a reputation for favoring plaintiffs in patent infringement cases -- and for being a favorite venue for patent trolls.

The company is asking the court for damages and injunctive relief. Apple has not commented on the new lawsuit.