VirnetX Wins $368.2M in Apple FaceTime Lawsuit

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VirnetX has been awarded US$368.2 million in its patent lawsuit against Apple over the iPhone and iPad maker's FaceTime video chat feature. The patent holding company sued Apple claiming that the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch all infringe on four of its private network patents.

VirnetX wins $368.2 million in FaceTime patent infringement lawsuitVirnetX wins $368.2 million in FaceTime patent infringement lawsuit

The company won its patent fight in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division, which is a court that's often cited as favoring patent trolls. Along with its $368.2 million, VirnetX is also hoping to convince the court to block Apple from selling infringing products, which includes all of its Mac lineup, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The company sued Apple, along with NEC, Cisco and Aastra in August 2010 for patent infringement and listed every iPhone model along with the original iPad. After the iPad 2 was introduced the company updated its filing to include that model, and when the iPhone 4S launched that was added to the suit, too.

Apple and VirnetX squared off in court on October 31. The other companies targeted in the lawsuit are scheduled for trial in March 2013.

Apple hasn't commented on the ruling, although it's very likely an appeal will be coming soon. VirnetX CEO Kendall Larsen, however, was more than happy to comment on the outcome, stating, "We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our suit with Apple."

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The suit listed every iPhone and iPad model? Even those which don’t support FaceTime, and the original iPad which had no cameras?

Jay Arr

Apple has shifted its innovation mantra away from products to nasty lawsuits.  Examples: they did not anticipate Foxconn’s limits to producing the new iPhone.  Sloppy planning.  Apple whines about Motorola’s patent licensing fees, while suing everyone else over apparent infringement.  What goes around comes around. I predict this will backfire on Apple in several big ways: some patent holders will withhold granting licenses to Apple in favor of Android, and consumers won’t benefit from any of the squabbles because prices will go up because Apple will pay higher licensing fees.  And Apple will be forced to make all of its components because other manufacturers like Samsung won’t sell anymore to Apple. Watch for it.

steven k

How does it feel apple? Sue Samsung, little fruit online food store, virnetx and recently tried suing GOOGLE??! Apple better brace themselves.

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