Acase's Tiptop iPad Air Case is Simple and Smart

The Tiptop iPad Air Case from Acase is moderately lightweight and attractive. It includes both a hard, polycarbonate back and an attached smart cover. The case, which weighs 8.1 oz (230 g), has been designed specifically for the iPad Air, resulting in a perfect fit for all the openings. The lid has a magnetic closer. Opening and closing the smart cover awakens or puts the iPad to sleep.

There are five landscape modes for viewing. The case is available in black only.

Tiptop Ultra iPad Air Case

As an added benefit, the smart cover can be flipped around for convenient typing. I like this extra feature on a couple of levels. The first is that when the smart cover lid is turned into itself, or flipped to use the company’s term, it stays exactly in place and holds the iPad Air securely. The second is that there is no slipping and the case remains stable when the user enters data.

Case in data entry mode

Using The Product

The iPad Air snaps into the back case and remains firmly in place. It is not difficult to remove the iPad from the case. All four corners of the iPad Air are protected when the smart cover is secured. I used it in the flip mode and entered data for more than 10 minutes, and the case did not move at all. This is very nice. 

The case only offers landscape mode, and if the user wants to use it in vertical mode they are required to fold back the smart cover and hold the iPad in place with their hand.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is easy to use, provides good coverage and protection, and is attractive. I like the viewing options offered. The MSRP for the case is US$30, but it is currently available on Amazon for US $23.94.

View of closed case

Product: Tiptop iPad Air Case

Company: Acase

List Price: US$30.00



Easy to use, well fitting case for iPad Air. Easy to insert and remove iPad. Provides full coverage. Magnetic sleep/wake.


No reading modes in vertical orientaiton.