Altego's Sunfire Backpack is Made for MacBooks - up to 17 Inches

The Sunfire backpack from Altego  is a big, polygon shaped backpack with wide straps, easy to use buckles, and a water resistant finish.

Sunfire Backpack -  front view

This is an excellent backpack for people who are serious about carrying around their laptops and associated accoutrements along with the rest of their needs for the day. There is ample room for a laptop up to 17 inches, an iPad, and there are even two 12-inch deep pockets either of which can hold an umbrella. Bicycle riders who need to change clothes when they get to work should find that there is plenty of room to carry along those clothes.

Backpack carrying a 17-inch MacBook Pro

The inside of the backpack is lined with soft quilted material. The pocket for the iPad is deep enough to provide good protection for an iPad, even one in a case if the case is not monstrous. It would not hold my iPad while in a case with keyboard, but it easily held my iPad mini in a case with a keyboard.

Inside view

One very nice feature of the backpack are the Fidlock l magnetic snap buckles which make opening and closing the buckles easy.

Fidlock style buckles

The backpack, which carries a five year limited warranty, measures 15 x 11 x 1.75-in (38.1 x 28 x 4.45-cm). The MSRP for this product is US$89.99. I found it on Amazon for $68.81.

Back view

Using The Product

I tested this out with a friend’s 17 inch MacBook Pro, my iPad and iPad mini, all the power cords and cables associated with a laptop, an umbrella, and a quick change of clothes consisting of jeans and a t-shirt. Even with all that, I had room left over. My friend is over six feet tall and he liked the size and weight of the Sunfire.

The magnetic snap buckles are very nice. Easy to open and close and yet very sturdy. The backpack itself is sturdy. My friend reported that the straps were very comfortable, even when the backpack was fully loaded with stuff. I found the same to be true.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. For those who need a big, sturdy backpack that is geared toward Apple products, this one is a winner and the price is very reasonable for the size and quality.

Product: Sunfire Backpack

Company: Altego

List Price: US$89.99



Water resistant, large and sturdy backpack offers space for laptops up to size 17 inches with plenty of room for iPads and other necessities. Special buckles and wide, comfortable straps offer ease and comfort.


None noted.