Evio Sereno iPad Envelope: Stylish Protection for Naked iPads

Evio Sereno iPad Case

We’ve reviewed a few Evio iPad cases in the past year and found them to be well-built and functional. The products we’ve looked at thus far have been folio style cases, which are designed to cover the entire iPad and be used full time.

But the iPad is an attractive device, and some users like the look and feel of using their iPad without a case. Even for those users, however, it is still a good idea to have some form of protection when moving the iPad from place to place. For that purpose, Evio has released the Sereno Universal iPad Envelope.

The Sereno is a cleanly designed carrying case for any generation of 9.7-inch iPad and other large tablets, such as the 8.9-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD or Barnes & Noble Nook HD+.

Evio Sereno iPad Review

The case exterior is made of a nice faux leather with a magnetic strip to keep the flap closed. Inside the case, a softer leather-like material keeps the iPad safe. We initially thought that the interior material was not as soft as it should be, but after a few weeks of use our third-generation iPad is as good as new with no scratches or marks.

The magnetic flap holds the case closed tightly, enough so that the weight of the iPad did not cause it to open when we turned it upside down and shook it. However, the flap still easily opens when lifted up by a user’s fingers, making it quick and simple to store or access a device inside.

The Sereno also offers a bit of “wiggle room” in the case, which we initially thought was a problem but in the end decided was an advantage. When cases are extremely form-fitting, it can sometimes be difficult to easily slide a device in and out. With the extra room, iPads and other tablets are easy to access, and it is roomy enough to allow iPads with thin cases or covers, such as the Apple Smart Cover, to fit. Despite this relatively loose fit, both a second- and third-generation iPad stayed secure inside the case during our trial.

Evio Sereno iPad Case

For a bit of extra security and functionality, the Sereno includes a detachable strap on the right side of the case. Standing over a well cushioned area, we tested carrying the case and our enclosed iPad by the strap alone. We placed the strap around our wrists, hung it from our fingers, and even gave the whole case a few hefty swings.

Throughout the tests, and much to the delight of our iPad, the strap held firm and the magnetic flap remained shut. That’s not to say that users should spin the case 360 degrees while holding the strap, but if you accidentally let go of the case and catch the strap with your wrist or finger, chances are good that your iPad will remain safe inside.

A downside to the Sereno is that the case’s design will likely not protect an iPad from more traumatic injuries, such as large drops onto hard surfaces or heavy objects falling on to the screen. Evio had to make a compromise between protection and portability, and the end result is a relatively thin case that won’t prevent damage from serious accidents. The case is great for protecting against scratches and minor dings and dents, but those prone to drop their iPad from a moving vehicle or a large height should consider other options.

The Sereno is not for everyone; many, if not most, users want full-time protection for their iPad. We also wish that Evio offered the case in more colors, as not everyone will appreciate the brown/tan color combination. For users who enjoy the look, feel, and risk of using their iPad case-free, however, the Sereno is a stylish choice for moving the iPad safely from place to place. Its ability to accommodate iPads with thin cases, like the Apple Smart Cover, also make it a versatile option. While those in more hazardous situations should look elsewhere, users seeking an attractive case to shuffle their iPad between home and work or school will be well-served with the Sereno.

The Evio Sereno Universal iPad Envelope is available now from Evio’s website for US$34.99.

Product: Sereno Universal iPad Envelope

Company: Evio

List Price: US$34.99



Stylish design, quality construction, accomodates iPads with thin cases or covers, good protection from scratches and minor drops.


Not thick enough to prevent damage from serious drops or impacts, only one color option.