Evio VersaBook Case for iPad: Attractive & High Quality

We first discovered Evio in January 2012 when we got a chance to try out the company’s Harmony iPad case. Now, ten months later, Evio is back with a new case: the VersaBook.

Evio VersaBook iPad Case

The VersaBook is similar to Evio’s Harmony case; they are both folio style cases that fully protect the back, front, and sides of an iPad. Where the Harmony was slimmer and a bit more form-fitting, the VersaBook adds noticeable heft, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The case is designed with a smooth leather-like exterior and soft suede-like interior that is both easy to grip and comfortable to hold for long periods. It is available in brown “Fall” colors and finely stitched together; we did not notice a single loose or missed stitch.

Evio VersaBook

From a purely aesthetic point of view, we found the design to be quite striking. The overall look does take on a “book” appearance, with a clearly defined spine that sits nicely on a shelf, and those unaware of its modern contents might assume upon first glance that it is indeed a fine leather-bound book.

The rear of the case does betray the book illusion a bit, with a hole to allow use of the iPad’s camera. There is also a tab under which the front cover can be tucked while propping the iPad up in landscape mode.

Inside, the iPad is tightly held by a flap that seals shut with velcro. The third generation iPad fits perfectly and is snuggly held at all corners. The iPad 2 also fits; there is a bit of wiggle inside the case due to its reduced thickness, although not nearly so much as to suggest that an iPad 2 would fall out.

The inside of the VersaBook’s cover has multiple ridges built into its fabric. These barely noticeable ridges act to increase the friction of the cover, such that the portion holding the iPad can be propped up at almost any angle without slipping.

The cover of the VersaBook can also be folded back into a number of different configurations allowing for propped up portrait and landscape modes and a lower angled mode for easy typing. All modes are sturdy and at no time were we concerned that the iPad would tip over or not be able to support the pressure of our hands as we typed.

One area of concern for some users is the way that the front cover folds back. When a user folds the cover back to hold the device in portrait mode for reading, the thickness and design of the case creates a triangle that that adds about half an inch of thickness to the left side of the iPad and case. This can be resolved by pushing the cover flush against the back of the case but then the cover sticks out about half an inch on the right side of the case (see images for an example).

VersaBook Front CoverWhen folded back, the front cover will either form a triangle that adds thickness (top), or can rest flat
against the case but stick out the other side by about half an inch (bottom).

Some users may actually prefer the added thickness while holding the iPad; as our gadgets continue to get slimmer, certain users may find them more difficult to hold. The extra thickness lets the case and iPad nestle comfortably into the palm of your hand.

Others may not find such a design ideal and, for them, the only solution is to press the cover all the way down and let the extra half an inch stick out of the right side of the case, which itself may be less than ideal. Unfortunately, in a design as multi-functional as the VersaBook, some elements must necessarily be compromised and the way that the front cover folds back is one of them.

Evio VersaBook

It should also be noted that, like nearly all folio style cases, the user cannot fold the front cover all the way back if they wish to use the rear camera, as there is no corresponding camera hole in the front cover.

Overall the VersaBook is an excellent looking and sturdy case that also offers the user a number of options for positioning and propping up their iPad. It is by no means the slimmest case, and it does add noticeable weight to the overall iPad experience. These two items may be understandable deal breakers for some users.

For those who want to keep their iPad well-protected and stylishly appointed, however, the VersaBook is an excellent choice and is available now for US$39.99.

Product: VersaBook

Company: Evio

List Price: US$39.99



Attractive and functional design, great feeling materials, high quality construction, good protection for the iPad.


Adds noticeable thickness and weight to the iPad, front cover can't sit flat when folded back without sticking out the opposite side.