Finding the Best iPad mini Case

With a new iPad mini on the market, it’s time to talk cases. Obviously, you’ll want to protect your new tablet while also making it more usable. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you aren’t limited to Apple’s Smart Folio. Let’s take a look at some notable contenders for the best iPad mini case.

Your Traditional Folio-Style Cases

If your needs don’t call for a ton of protection, a folio case will do just fine. Apple’s entry is great, but other options will provide you a bit more customization, features, or just plain class.

The ProCase iPad mini 6 Keyboard Case

ProCase Keyboard Case

This cover was designed specifically for the iPad mini 6, and provides a built-in holder for your Apple Pencil 2. You can use the three indentations on the case to prop your iPad mini into various landscape viewing angles. The case also offers you the option of protecting the ProCase detachable wireless keyboard, an optional purchase. The case fully supports auto-sleep/wake, but only if you don’t have the keyboard attached. The ProCase iPad mini 6 keyboard case retails at Amazon for $29.99 at the time of publication.

ESR Magnetic Rebound-Series Case for iPad mini 6

ESR Magnetic Case

Another great folio option is ESR’s magnetic case. This is a basic folio case, attaching to your iPad mini with powerful magnets. It supports auto-sleep/wake when you close or open the cover. The ESR Magnetic Case supports Apple Pencil 2 charging, and provides a fold-over clasp to help prevent losing the accessory. This case is available in various colors, and retails starting at $18.99 through Amazon.

Cases That Offer a Bit More Protection

For those who prefer their cases to be a bit more rugged, there are great options for you, too.

The Soke Composition Book Case

Soke Composition Book Case

Soke’s case provides a soft TPU back shell to protect your iPad mini from shocks, drops, and impacts. Inside, microfiber lining prevents your tablet from scratches. The front exterior is PU leather and offers the appearance of being a composition book. The Soke composition book case supports auto-sleep/wake. The case features an Apple Pencil 2 holder that still allows the magnet attachment and charging to work with your iPad mini. The case is inexpensive, priced at just $16.99 from Amazon.

ZtotopCases for iPad mini 6

Ztotop iPad mini Case

This is a full-body protective case for your iPad mini 6. Multiple grooves and a magnetic kickstand offer the ability to adjust your viewing angle in 5 different positions. The rugged bumper shell is made from TPU, then coated with PU leather on the front. The back cover is made from PC plastic. Altogether, this case should protect your iPad mini from the daily risk of bumps, scrapes, and accidental falls. It supports auto-sleep/wake, and provides a built-in holder for your Apple Pencil 2. The magnetic back of the case is strong enough that it will even hold your iPad in place on a metallic surface, such as your refrigerator door. It is priced at $30.59 on Amazon.

Choosing How to Enclose and Protect Your New Tablet

To decide which case is best for you, look at the features offered and how much protection you need. These are a few of the best, most economical options available as of this writing.

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