Griffin Survivor Slim Case for iPhone 6/6 Plus: Serious Protection

Griffin has introduced the Survivor Slim case for iPhone 6  and 6 Plus. It provides drop protection up to 6.6 feet (2.0 meters) meeting MIL-STD 801G, with the aid of a tough silicone jacket that helps absorb impacts. Inside the jacket is a rigid polycarbonate shell that holds the phone tightly.  The outside of the case is textured, providing for a better grip.

The cases weighs 2.2 ounces (62 grams) and is 0.5 inch (1.3 cm) thick. They are available in four colors: black, gray, mineral blue and turquoise. The package includes a screen protector and micro cleaning cloth. The thick protective back means that the Apple logo doesn’t show.

Griffin's Survivor Slim cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The ports for the camera are open and of good size. The port is blackened to absorb reflection.

View of camera opening.

The packaging is attractive and someone at Griffin has designed the perfect protected package for the iPhone. The case sits securely within a clear plastic shell with two snap buttons that allow the phone to be easily removed. No chain saw or large knife is required. That clear plastic shell slides in and out of the outside case. The top of the package flips open to allow customers to feel the surface of the case. The package includes the URL for Griffin. There is also a customer service phone number printed on the package.

The MSRP for the iPhone case is US$39.99 and for the iPhone 6 plus is $44.99. Each includes the standard Griffin one year warranty.

Using the Product

It is easy to insert the phone into the shell, but not so easy to remove because it offers a very tight fit. The ringer on/off button is recessed into the case to the point that it is not easy to flip the button. I used the nail of my smallest finger to fit into the recessed area. The buttons for the phone are covered and easy to depress.

This case fits easily into most pockets and the textured surface keeps it from slipping around. I had no trouble using the fingerprint scanner while testing this phone.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. I like the weight and texture of this case and I like the protection it provides. It is also attractive and very reasonably priced. Both sizes are less expensive than the OtterBox Defender cases, which it is similar to.

Product: Survivor Slim Case for iPhone

Company: Griffin Technology

List Price: US$39.99



Protects against 6 ft. drops due to silicone jacket that fits over the inner case. Works with fingerprint scanner, and the textured surface makes it easy to hold.​ Reasonably priced.


Somewhat difficult to remove iPhone from inner case. On/off button is not easy to get to.