WaterField’s iPhone 5 Wallet/Case Covers All The Bases

WaterField has released the iPhone 5 version of its popular Wallet iPhone case.  In addition to the special area for the iPhone 5, there is a large section for cash and two pockets for credit cards. 

WaterField iPhone Wallet


This wallet/case presents with all the quality standards that users have come to expect from WaterField. The stitching is heavy duty and exact, the zipper is heavy duty, and the zipper has a self-locking closure. It looks like a standard wallet that also holds an iPhone 5.  Color choices are black or brown. When the iPhone 5 is placed in the case with the home button level with the closed zipper, the home button is easily accessed.


This is a very sturdy case. It provides excellent padding. If the very heavy plastic covering the phone face were cut, then there could possibly be some damage to the iPhone, but otherwise I felt that my phone was as protected as it would be in other cases rated highly for protection, such as cases from Otterbox. The case is made of naturally-tanned leather, with a rigid Ultrasuede divider. There is a heavy duty zipper on two sides with self locking closure. The plastic window is clear and the looks of the phone do not change within the case. I attempted to scratch the window with a sharp straight pin and it left no marks or maring on the plastic. The plastic is soft and flexible enough that I do not see it becoming brittle after long use, but the only way to replace should it become necessary would be to send it back to the manufacturer for replacement. 

Ease of Removing the iPhone

It's s a non-issue for this particular case. The phone just slips in and out between the front and the divider. It is important to insert the phone so that the Home button is at the bottom when the zipper is zipped. Otherwise, the Home button will not be viewable. When placed in the case, the phone does not come in contact with the zipper so there is no worry about scratches from that source.

Using the Case

This case is particularly appropriate for the business person who is frequently on the go. The phone is right where you need it, and there is a place for money, credit cards, and receipts. I easily loaded it with 13 different cards and several bills and could have added a few more without any problem. While it fits nicely inside a men's dress coat, briefcase, or purse, it is not the ideal choice for those who like to carry their phone in something like jeans pockets. Fully loaded, it did not fit comfortably in either the front or back pocket of my jeans, keeping in mind that I am very short and have short pockets. On the other hand, it was great to grab up the wallet for a quick run to the store or to meet friends when I didn't need to drag along an entire purse.

Certainly, the thiness of the iPhone 5 lends itself to this style case.  Fully loaded it is about an inch thick. 

View of open wallet

You can use your iPhone, make and take calls through the front window, without removing the phone from the wallet. I was able to play games, such as Trism, requiring exact finger movements with no problem.

There is no access to any of the ports, volume controls, or on/of button while the phone is in the case. It is strictly designed as a means of protecting the phone while in transient. It is a simple matter to remove the phone for charging and other necessary functions, but that is an element that might be very important to some users.  

Using the iPhone 5 in case

Packaging & Warranty

The WaterField iPhone 5 Wallet comes nicely packaged in a box that contains the company logo. There is a life-time, limited warranty against manfacturing defects.

Do I recommend it?

Absolutely. This is a high quality case, well made and well designed.

Product: iPhone Wallet

Company: WaterField

List Price: US$39.99



iPhone 5 case/wallet is well made, with good design.  It holds many credit type cards, cash and the iPhone 5.  Phone can be used without removing it from the case.


Probably will not fit comfortably into most pants pockets.