Tivoli Go Fonico Bluetooth Earbuds: Good Looking But Inconsistent

Tivoli Go Fonico earbuds

I have been testing the Tivoli Go Fonico Bluetooth earbuds for a few weeks now. I have found them to be really good, especially for things like exercise, but somewhat inconsistent.

Tivoli Go Fonico earbuds

Tivolio Go Fonico: Great Design, Inconsistent Performance

There is a lot I like about the Tivoli Go Fonico earbuds. Mainly, they do not look like AirPods. They are small, sleek, and pretty comfortable. I found the audio controls relatively straightforward to use. I also really liked how the box came with extra bands (you can choose between red and black) as well as different ear pieces. They are really comfortable for using in the gym, and are apparently sweat resistant.

The sound quality from the Tivoli Go Fonico headphones is not what you get from more expensive headphones, but it is certainly not bad either. You can happily listen to music and spoken word content. However, I would like some noise cancellation (I can’t hear music on London’s tube, for instance.)

The biggest issue with the Tivoli Go Fonico earbuds though is Bluetooth inconsitency. Sometimes they do not connect, which is pretty frustrating. The battery life is not great either, but the charging case gets them up to speed pretty quickly.

The Tivoli Go Fonico earbuds are reasonably priced at $129/£119. I suspect they are not going to make many people give up their AirPods, but I personally think they are a worthy competitor.

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