Apple Vision Pro Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know

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The Apple Vision Pro is one of the most remarkable VR devices ever made, but not everyone is thrilled with it. The device’s high price tag means that many people purchase it and later experience buyer remorse. Additionally, the Vision Pro can’t do as much as some people thought it could. That leaves a major question of whether or not you can return the Apple Vision Pro if you don’t like it.

What Is Apple’s Return Policy for the Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro is subject to Apple’s standard return policy. This policy states that buyers can return a device as long as it’s in its original factory condition with all accessories and packaging. You must also have a receipt if you purchased it in an Apple Store.

Apple does not charge a restocking fee for returning a Vision Pro as long as it still looks like new. However, Apple can refuse a return for a damaged Vision Pro headset or one missing its accessories and packaging. If you lost the original receipt, look at your recent purchases on your Apple account. Alternatively, reach out to Apple’s customer support, and they can often look up your purchase.

The one exception to Apple’s return policy is Zeiss Optical Inserts. These are custom-made for your prescription, so they are not eligible for a refund. Additionally, the Vision Pro is only available through Apple, so you don’t have to worry about different retailers having varying policies.

Can You Exchange a Malfunctioning Vision Pro?

Apple will exchange a malfunctioning Vision Pro in the 14-day return window. Keep in mind that the headset cannot be damaged and must have the original packaging for an exchange. The Vision Pro also has a 1-year warranty that covers any malfunctions or defects. You can either ship the headset to Apple or take it to an Apple Store for warranty coverage, and you don’t need the original packaging.

Is AppleCare+ Available for the Vision Pro?

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AppleCare+ is available for the Vision Pro, but it is very expensive. Coverage is $25 per month, or a one-time fee of $499, which includes two years of warranty coverage. With it, you get access to Apple technical support and extended warranty coverage. It also includes accidental damage protection. However, each incident of accidental damage requires you to pay an additional $299 for repairs.

Can You Return the Vision Pro After Opening It?

Apple does offer full refunds even if the Vision Pro has already been opened. Just be sure to perform a factory reset to remove all of your data before returning it. Additionally, you also need to have all of the accessories and paperwork that came with the headset, along with its original packaging and receipt.

What Is the Return Rate for the Vision Pro?

Apple has not shared any official data on Vision Pro sales, but there are some reports that indicate the Vision Pro is not seeing significant returns. There were some earlier stories that said day-one Vision Pro buyers were rushing to return headsets before the return window closed. However, new details indicate that Vision Pro returns are actually around 1%, which is close to the return rate of other Apple products.

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