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Apple Highlights Creativity in 'Behind the Mac' Campaign  


Jeff Gamet
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June 15, 2018 11:15 EDT AM  

Apple's ad campaigns aren't all just about the iPhone. There's a new Mac campaign that just launched called "Behind the Mac" showing creative professionals using their Macs.

Behind the Mac - Apple

Behind the Mac - Bruce Hall

Behind the Mac - Grimes

Behind the Mac - Peter Kariuki

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June 15, 2018 1:27 EDT PM  

This has got to be the worst timing ever for these ads. Are they trying to trick people to buy Mac before their update? Or if they update at all.

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June 17, 2018 6:15 EDT PM  

None that I've seen have shown a desktop so I'm thnking the big Mac event for 2018 will be laptop only. Watching Bruce Hall, I wondered how a 30"+ Apple Cinema Display driven by a Mac Pro or Mini would appear to someone with limited sight. Would like to see one of these ads using with someone using a Mac desktop with a G3 or G4 iMac making an appearance like the polycarbonate Macbook.