Apple Highlights Creativity in ‘Behind the Mac’ Campaign

Behind the Mac ads

Apple’s ad campaigns aren’t all just about the iPhone. There’s a new Mac campaign that just launched called “Behind the Mac” showing creative professionals using their Macs.

Behind the Mac – Apple

Behind the Mac – Bruce Hall

Behind the Mac – Grimes

Behind the Mac – Peter Kariuki

2 thoughts on “Apple Highlights Creativity in ‘Behind the Mac’ Campaign

  • None that I’ve seen have shown a desktop so I’m thnking the big Mac event for 2018 will be laptop only. Watching Bruce Hall, I wondered how a 30″+ Apple Cinema Display driven by a Mac Pro or Mini would appear to someone with limited sight. Would like to see one of these ads using with someone using a Mac desktop with a G3 or G4 iMac making an appearance like the polycarbonate Macbook.

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