Apple Maps Suffering from Service Outage

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Apple Maps suffered a temporary outage Friday morning, leaving many people wondering how to get where they needed to go.

Apple Maps service outage

Apple’s Maps service isn’t working today

In our tests searches wouldn’t return any results. Searching for a nearby Apple Store location, for example, resulted in “No Results Found.” Trying to set a location to travel to returned “Directions Not Available.”

It seems the outage is intermittent because we can occasionally get search results and directions. Until Apple gets the Maps issue resolved there will be a lot more people wandering around lost.

You can check Maps status, along with Apple’s other services at the company’s System Status webpage.

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I would like to add a word. I do not like Apple maps. And I was never using them. I even cannot properly explain what are the drawbacks. Possibly there are no minuses, I just do not like some features here. I prefer Google maps. I feel fine with this variant. I am in the Washington code area , and Google maps never let me down.

the lost world 😀


That is great. Because at least it shows Apple is doing “something” with Apple Maps.


Rats. If I had known about this I could have called in “lost” today and not gone to work.


@geoduckyes i agree with you.