App Sale: Paprika Recipe Manager is Just $2.99

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Paprika Recipe Manager is a wonderful app I use to keep track of recipes, and it’s currently on sale for US$2.99, down from US$4.99. The sale lasts until the end of November. Here are some of the features: Recipes – Download recipes from your favorite websites, or add your own. Grocery Lists – Create smart grocery lists that automatically combine ingredients and sort them by aisle. Pantry – Use the pantry to keep track of which ingredients you have and when they expire. Meal Planner – Plan your meals using our daily, weekly, or monthly calendars. Menus – Save your favorite meal plans as reusable menus. Sync – Keep your recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans synced between all your devices.

Check It Out: App Sale: Paprika Recipe Manager is Just $2.99

2 thoughts on “App Sale: Paprika Recipe Manager is Just $2.99

  • Love this app. Have had it from the beginning and it acts as a sort of centralized family recipe organizer. I manage the cloud part and every far reaching family member can use the recipes on their own devices and even add some more to a Folder I put in called To Try. Once a recipe is deemed good enough it enters the recipe hierarchy.

    I don’t even use all of the features of this either.

    I do use the online recipe URL feature that allows me to find a potential recipe and input the recipe automatically.
    Great feature and works on an amazingly large number of places on the web where people put up recipes or well known recipe websites.
    Can’t say enough about it. It is a great app for the phone or iPad, I also purchased the computerized version which makes it a breeze to input family recipes from your old cards and can be used to more quickly organize everything.
    2.99 is a steal… They also have android versions for my android family members. A well done app and always improving.

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