The thing I enjoy the most about posting games like this is the chorus of “Gee, thanks, Bryan. I just wasted my entire afternoon because of you” messages I get. With that in mind, I offer you a cordial “You’re welcome!” reply. Today’s game is called TAP and SMASH. The premise is simple: when you tap, a triangle that represents you moves up in a straight line. Along the way, you collect stars (for points) and coins (for buying power ups, continuing your game, etc.). In your way are circles and lines traveling across your path. When you tap, you move. When you don’t, you fall. That makes avoiding the enemy shapes a matter of timing and luck. I suck at this game, but it has that just-one-more quality. It’s also free to download. For $0.99 you can turn off ads that play every five minutes or so between games. You can also buy coins, but you can have a lot of fun without doing so. I happily paid to turn off ads because I’ve been playing the game a lot. Enjoy!

Check It Out: TAP and SMASH for iOS Has that Just-One-More Thing

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