YouTube user Matthew Rogers has posted a new drone flyover video of Apple Campus 2.0, the so-called Spaceship HQ. This update features some of the glass panels that will form the outer walls of the building, solar panels on the roof, the shrinking dirt mountain on site, many of the outer buildings, fuel cells, and more. I love seeing these updates.  The building is amazing, even in its unfinished state, and being able to watch it grow is fun.

Check It Out: Newest Apple Campus 2.0 Flyover Shows Glass Panels, Solar Panels, More

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  1. Hagen

    Share some love, too, for Duncan Sinfield’s videos. His videos are just as good (actually better), and his loss of a drone to mysterious signal hijacking last month doesn’t seem to have affected his output.

    Also see Matthew Rogers’ first video from “Apple Campus 3” — the 18-acre Central & Wolfe campus going up in Sunnyvale. That’s perhaps more of a Campus 2.5, since I would expect 3.0 to be the 50-acre space in North San Jose.

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