There has been much (pointless) wailing and gnashing of teeth about Apple ditching the headphone jack. We’ll find out if Apple is really doing it Wednesday morning, but there’s at least one Lightning headphone jack adapter already in the wild. It has the unsexy name of HRT i-dSp Headphone digital Sound Processor, and it allows you to connect a regular pair of headphones to an iOS device through the Lightning port. Don’t rush out and buy it just yet, though. For one thing, we don’t know how Apple is handling the transition. For another, this device also requires an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, making it unwieldy. I expect more seamless devices sooner, rather than later, if Apple does ditch that port. My point in posting this, however, is that there are already solutions on the market for a problem that doesn’t yet exist.

Check It Out: Apple’s Jackless iPhone: There’s at Least One Lightning Adapter Already Available

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  1. geoduck

    Apple’s Jackless iPhone

    At first I read Apple’s Jackass iPhone.
    I expect a bunch of articles and many blog entries will use that.

  2. Lee Dronick

    “There has been much (pointless)”

    It isn’t poinless, it may be futile, but we have an excellent point. Hopefully Tim Cook will get a shock collar on Johnny Ives or whoever is the goofball who came up with this boneheaded idea and get them under control.

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