Steve Troughton-Smith does more than post Apple product leaks. He’s also a professional coder, and his latest pet project shows why it would be cool to get third-party faces for Apple Watch. He’s come up with some pretty interesting watch faces, plus he posted the example code on Github so you can experiment with your own—assuming you’re a developer. I get Apple not wanting horribly garish watch faces, but maybe they could partner with some developers or make a watch face screening process. I know I’m ready for some options outside of Apple’s limited pool.

Check It Out: Check Out the Apple Watch Faces Steve Troughton-Smith Designed

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  1. gGrant

    I have to say I’m appalled at the lack of creativity in digital watch faces. Sure, the fancier they get, the harder they are to read, but the watch faces Apple forces on us are just embarrassing.
    Not one rectangular watch face from Apple – on a rectangular watch!! Sure you can PAY for Herméz, but seriously…

    Not to mention all the graphic possibilities of a screen display. Where’s the 3D view into the gizzards of a mechanical watch… or any other 3D view for that matter. Mechanical watchmakers are leaving digital watches for dead in the one thing digital watches can do for the price of a jpeg!

    Take a look at these and ponder just how pathetic Apple’s standard hands and Mac Plus level clock graphic really are.

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