Apple’s MacBook Pro Commercial: ‘Bulbs’

Apple rolled out a new commercial for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar called Bulbs. The 1 minute, 37 second spot features flashes of some big (and small) inventions using exploding lightbulbs as a metaphor. In fact, MacBook Pro doesn’t appear until the final 10 seconds, accompanied by the tag line, “Introducing a tool for all the ideas to come.” We’re then shown a finger sliding back and forth on the Touch Bar to scrub through a video of another exploding lightbulb. The imagery is compelling, and seems likely to catch people’s attention, with the Apple message pounding home at the end. It’s one of my favorite spots in recent months.

Check It Out: Apple’s MacBook Pro Commercial: ‘Bulbs’

3 thoughts on “Apple’s MacBook Pro Commercial: ‘Bulbs’

  • Considering the widespread coverage of exploding Samsung phones, and it still being relatively fresh in peoples’ minds, I question the decision to have an ad features exploding light bulbs; or exploding anything for that matter.

    The ad saying, in the broadest way possible, “introducing a tool for all the ideas to come”, just reinforces for me that Apple has no idea who this new MacBook Pro is actually for.

  • A nice little film. Between yesterday and today I’ve watched it three times and have enjoyed it each time. I question if it’s that effective an ad. If you blink you miss the name of the product.

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