Apple new coffee table book: Designed by Apple in California comes in two sizes, 13-inch at US$199 and 16-inch at $299, and both contain some 450 photographs of Apple products that look back over the years. What’s not to like? Still, these days, Apple’s self-conscious celebration of its past does open it up to some playful parody. Watch this glorious send up of the Apple book by the Late Show. All in good fun, of course.

Check It Out: Late Show With Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Apple’s New Book

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  1. MarcusNewton

    This was pretty funny. The new coffee table book definitely deserved this kind of parody.

    I think the problem with the Apple book is not necessary the book itself, but the timing of the book’s release. Overall, it does seem like a nice art book. However, considering how many products Apple is currently neglecting, both hardware and software, it makes this book seem like a giant ego trip.

    Had Apple released this book back when the new Mac Pro was actually still new, and the 5K iMacs just came out, the book would have probably been well received.

    Releasing this kind of book now is kind of like Marie Antoinette saying to starving people (allegedly) “let them eat cake”, when all they wanted was bread.

    For us Mac enthusiasts, bread is updated Mac hardware and software. It doesn’t have to be a complete redesign every time or even every other time, just updated specs.

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