One task that was always easier on macOS was to rename multiple files at once using Automator. The Files app on iOS/iPadOS doesn’t have a lot of bulk actions. But I finally cracked it with Shortcuts to let you batch rename files on iOS and iPadOS. My shortcut lets you do three specific things: prepend text, append text, and replace text in a file name. If I think of more things to do with file names in the future, I’ll update the shortcut.

Check It Out: Batch Rename Files on iOS Using This Shortcut

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  1. ChrisLaarman

    Thank you, Andrew!

    Pardon me for keeping my Shortcuts security settings to not allowing untrusted shortcuts.

    Not at all intended to belittle your work: at least file managers FileBrowser (all editions) and iFiles provide batch renaming.

    However, my personal benchmark in batch renaming is Total Commander for Windows. It was surpassed by short-lived NIYoW (Name It Your Way).

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