9 thoughts on “Compare All Three New iPhones: XS, XS Max, XR

  • From what I understand, the IP Xs Max is the same size as my IP7 Plus, but more on the screen.
    And that physical size works OK for me. Goes in my pocket.
    So I’m interested!

    One reason I didn’t even consider the IP X was the smaller size.

  • I find my 7+ too big and heavy for me, but…taking the good with the bad until a compelling phone hits the market. The incremental updates to the phones from year to year are way too small to be worth it to drop another bundle of cash (no thanks, will skip a payment plan, no loans, no recurring payments. Take the pain up front.)

    Cameras have a long way to go, they just piddle along and much of the amazing camera work is in software (3rd party apps, not Apple tricks). Weight is another issue, maybe 20 years off to anything interesting to affect that.

  • I haven’t met anyone today who is really interested in the new phones at all. Yesterday came and went. This is from 6+ and up owners. I think people found the X exciting, but many may find the lower cost 7 and 8 exciting.

    People are happy with the phones they own now. And many are happy more that they are paid off. They are not happy with plunking down $800+ for another phone that brings no appreciable difference.

    Frequent upgrading in the past made a lot of sense. It’s getting harder, it seems, to make a better phone with known physics and cost of materials. UNLESS Apple is doing incremental upgrades now, sprinkling in better features, saving them for future phones (when they will run out of ideas and better ways to improve).

    Give me a folding phone. Give me a phone with a really DLSR like performance. Give me a phone that’s super light. Give me a phone that can be a portable PC to plug into monitor. Those kind of things. Revolutionary things.

    For everyday use, there’s been very little change the last 4-5 years. The biggest changes have been base memory storage and prices. Otherwise, your average phone person (most of the population) is not caring about a new $800+ phone every 2 years or so.

    That said, the new phones will do well. They probably will get more Android users, particularly price conscious ones. The 7 for $499 is pretty sweet, even if 32 GB, but honestly, 32 GB is okay for most people. The 7 is a great phone.

  • The Maxi phone is nearly $2400 in Australia. Apple’s lot the plot. Elites marketing to elites. And you wonder how someone like Trump gets elected??
    I was hoping the R was going to have more pixels than my 6Plus, so I’m waiting another year for economic collapse and more realistic products from the ZILLION DOLLAR HIPPY.

      1. I can’t imagine carrying the Max. Even my iPhone 7 makes it look like I have a pistol in my pocket or that I am happy to see her. 😀

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