Enlight has a new app out called Enlight Pixaloop. It creates animated photos that can bring your art to life. Any photo element: strands of hair, waves, clouds, or clothing can be animated. Pixaloop tools give you precise animation control so you can perfect your idea. Choose the speed of movement you want to create moving masterpieces: from the subtle flicker of a candle flame to Marilyn’s iconic billowing white dress to cascading waterfalls to two-way escalators. To animate a photo, place arrows to define motion within the image. Add anchors to gradually reduce the speed in the animated area. Freeze motion in parts of your photos to hold specific elements still and keep it real. Or get unreal and tease nature – reverse the direction of water or spills to defy gravity and flow upwards. App Store: Enlight Pixaloop – Free

Check It Out: Enlight Pixaloop Creates Animated Photos

Enlight Pixaloop Creates Animated Photos
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