Concept Video Shows Great iOS 11 Interface Ideas

With our first glimpse of iOS 11 most likely coming up in a few weeks at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference, it’s fun to look at features we’d like to see in the next version of the iPhone and iPad operating system. Jacek Zieba put together a video showing many of those features in action, and it’s pretty compelling. How about a pop-up menu from the control center’s WiFi icon showing available networks, or group FaceTime video chats? We’d love to see more useful in-app screen controls and that option to clear app data and caches easily, too. But true multi-user support? Apple isn’t going there.

Check It Out: Concept Video Shows Great iOS 11 Interface Ideas

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  • I would love to see a second, separate passcode used to immediately wipe the phone. Then, for example, if a customs official asks me for my passcode as I reenter the US, I can get the phone wiped, and worry about restoring it when I get home. That would allow me to reasonably guard my privacy while the government figures out where modern pocket computers fit in relation to Constitutional protections against unreasonable searches.

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