The Awesome Insanity of Rackmounting the iMac Pro

The Awesome Insanity of Rackmounting the iMac Pro

Do you have a powerful new iMac Pro? If so, do you want to rackmount it? No, of course you don’t, because that would be bananapants crazy. But there’s at least one company that has need for such a monstrosity: MacStadium, the Mac-based hosting provider. Spotted by Zac Cichy on Twitter, the iMac Pro rack lets MacStadium offer remote access to the powerful capabilities of Apple’s newest Mac in a way that fits their existing equipment infrastructure. Of course, this isn’t the first time that a company has laughed in the face of Apple’s mission to destroy industry standard form factors.

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One thought on “The Awesome Insanity of Rackmounting the iMac Pro

  • A Rackintosh? You Bet! By all accounts the WWDC was a big nothing – very underwhelming. Why? Because there was no imagination as usual – just dribs and drabs of catch-up. The iMac Pro is an oxymoron – for any real pro anyway, it’s more Pro-sumer, it’s nice and all but lacks the basic ingredients of a Pro box, err cylinder (boy they better kill that stupid shape, too) But *make* the Rackintosh. All of us (Pros) have rackmounts for gear and what would be cooler than a rack system with interchangeable on-the-fly drives and such; most oft used ports can be routed to your rack’s patch bay via one neat snake. If you don’t use racks – then stay with the iMac and iOS stuff. And if you don’t have a rack – a rack itself can be anything from standard metal utility or you could go steampunk, or hide it in a vintage motorola radio- the thing is the rack itself could look cool if u want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🎹 🎬 🎸

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