Let’s say you want more storage in your iPhone. No problem, if you get the right flash memory chip, have the right gear to duplicate what’s on the original, and are confident with your soldering skills. Strange Parts did just that, and it worked! Check out their video to see the whole process.

Check It Out: How to Increase Your iPhone’s Memory from 16GB to 128GB

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  1. paikinho

    Interesting and amazing to be able to get all of the gadgetry to do this. Not here in the US most places I have been.

    Still this is NOT really something for almost anyone to do. The time a person would take to learn and perfect a single change would likely be easier to just pay the extra money for the phone.

    Still fairly cool! But I had to stop about 1/2 way through when I realized this was beyond anything I was willing to do. Just need fewer tasks in life.

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