Need a Tor browser on iOS? Onion Browser is the only iOS app recommended on the Tor Project’s website. Starting out at the U.S. Naval Research Lab, Tor is a special network that helps people browse the internet with as much privacy as possible. You should note there are a couple of security advisories on its website: WebRTC/Media leaks: Due to iOS limitations, WebRTC and media files leak outside of Tor and are routed over the normal internet. This will reveal your real IP address to sites using these features. (If you are using a VPN, the VPN IP address is revealed instead.) To defend against this, you may set Strict security mode in Host Settings, which will disable Javascript. More information here. OCSP leak: Visiting EV “Green Bar” HTTPS sites may leak information that can be used to reveal the domain name of the website you are visiting. This is handled within iOS and cannot be changed by Onion Browser. There is no known workaround. A detailed report can be found here. App Store: Free

Check It Out: Need the Tor Browser on iOS? Try Onion Browser

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  1. geoduck

    Okay but if it leaks WebRTC, media, location, IP address, and domain address what’s the point? Sure it technically is TOR but if it isn’t secure it really isn’t in spirit. It gives it a false sense of security.

    • Andrew Orr

      I downloaded it and poked around in the settings, and the Strict settings they recommend are on by default. Hopefully that solves at least the media issue.

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