You’ve heard of Duranium, Tritanium and Gold-pressed Latinum, right? These are fictional metals from Star Trek lore. But did you know a Periodic Table of all the elements and alloys mentioned across all fiction has been compiled? It includes all the magical substances from TV, the movies, comics, games, mythology and more.  Of course, there’s no chemistry in this table. Instead, it’s a beautifully presented and organized database. Just click on any item to see its origin. For example, click on Dur to discover that “Duranium makes up the outer hull of Starfleet’s NX-class starships.” This table is just amazing to behold.

Check It Out: A Periodic Table of Fictional Metals and Alloys

A Periodic Table of Fictional Metals and Alloys

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  1. FlipFriddle

    Beat me to Unobtanium. 🙂
    I think everyone in the theater got dumber when our collective eye-rolls ruptured some neurons when we heard that. Probably the most expensive movie with the laziest script ever.

  2. brett_x

    Included is the dumbest-cliche-named one – Unobtainium. My eyes rolled so hard that I saw brain tissue when he said it the first time in avatar.

  3. MacFrogger

    John – this is great! Thanks! I’ll be sure to share with my fellow geeks! (Just cuz I don’t comment often doesn’t mean I’m not reading!)

  4. blatboy

    Cool! I guess Kryptonite isn’t a metal… The first thing I thought of wasn’t on the list. haha. Go fig.

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