Planet of the Apps Trailer Teases Spring Premiere

Apple’s reality TV series Planet of the Apps is coming this spring and the first trailer giving us a glimpse into the show is out. It features Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vanderchuk, and teaming up with app developers who make it through an escalator pitch phase to work towards landing US$10 million in funding and a featured spot on the App Store. Planet of the Apps will stream on Apple Music without commercials, and could give us an interesting behind-the-scenes look into the app development process. Still, based on the trailer—and keep in mind I’m not the reality TV demographic—Carpool Karaoke sounds a lot more interesting.

Check It Out: Planet of the Apps Trailer Teases Spring Premiere

4 thoughts on “Planet of the Apps Trailer Teases Spring Premiere

  • Agreed. This looks odious and loathsome. Yes Jessica Alba, please tell me about hard work and all about your mastery of all things tech, second only to Wiilliam for the stank of “you gotta be $%^#ing kidding me”

  • Aaaand Apple has officially jumped the shark for me now that they are MTV, talk about missing the point! It’s amazing how the technology of the 21st century has dragged right back into the 20th century when what we were hoping for was a new and brave frontier. I have given up on Apple. Heck, I’ve given up on silicon Valley, period. It was fun there for awhile while it lasted.

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