SpaceX posted the four hour stream of Starman’s initial voyage into space, and it’s super cool. Starman is the name of the dummy SpaceX plopped into the driver’s seat of the Tesla Roadster it sent to Mars. Because [Elon Musk]. This was all part of the maiden launch of Space X’s Falcon Heavy rocket earlier this week. According to, SpaceX expected the battery on the streaming camera to work for 12 hours, but it crapped out after four. And those four hours are pretty darned cool—Flat Earthers may find the whole thing particularly enlightening. Check it out!

Check It Out: SpaceX’s 4 Hour Video of Starman’s Voyage to Mars

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  1. wab95


    Thanks for sharing.

    It’s oddly evocative of a Kubrick and Clarke-esque voyage into the deep of spacetime, but with a Monty Python twist.

    Now I know what I’m watching on iTunes this weekend, and Richard Strauss’ tone poem. Crank. It. Up.

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