Sylvania announced Tuesday it was launching an LED smartbulb in its LEDVANCE product line with support for Apple’s HomeKit (yay!). Better yet, the Smart Multicolor A19 doesn’t require a hub—just plug it in, find it with Apple’s Home app, and you’re good to go. Sylvania said the device will be sold through Amazon and ship in “early 2017.” This will be a great addition to the HomeKit ecosystem. To that end, I’ve been seeing more HomeKit stuff in my inbox during the last few weeks for CES 2017. It’s almost as if Apple’s smarthome platform is finally coming alive. Let’s hope, at any rate. I’ve left messages with Sylvania reps asking about pricing, which wasn’t announced. Sylvania also didn’t release images of the new bulb—the image below is of current products in the company’s smartbulb line. [Update: Sylvania’s PR folks got back to me—pricing is definitely unannounced. I also added a rendered image of the A19. We’ll be visiting with the company next week at CES. – Bryan]

Check It Out: Sylvania Announces Smartbulbs for Apple HomeKit, No Hub Required [Update]

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  1. Lee Dronick

    Digging a little deeper into stories about this I found that there will be hub free multicolor lights. Phillips will probably comeup with a bluetooth version of theirs lights.

  2. Lee Dronick

    Not having a hub is nice so I am interested in this product. I couldn’t find any info as to if it is monochrome or color controlable like my HUE bulbs, and I very much like setting a candle and other mood scenes.

    As to HUE. Though I like the bulbs their app is horrid and I almost exclusively use Apple’s Home app. The only thing the HUE app has over Home is the ability to set a fade on or off.

    I wish that there was an OSX version of Home.

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