Glenn Fleishman has released a free version of his book called “Take Control of Zoom Essentials” as well as updated the paid version called “Take Control of Zoom”. Take Control shared the news in a blog post:

Yesterday, we released two Zoom-related books by Glenn Fleishman: a new, free book called Take Control of Zoom Essentials and a gigantic version 1.1 update to the comprehensive Take Control of Zoom. We know a lot of people are using Zoom for work and school, and we hope you find these books helpful.

Zoom usage has skyrocketed now that more people have been working and learning from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider these books to know everything you want to know about using the video sharing platform.

Check It Out: Glenn Fleishmann Introduces Free Book ‘Take Control of Zoom Essentials’

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  1. leicaman

    All advertisers have to do to be legit is to admit what they do and design their business models to be less repugnant.

    They might be surprised how people respond to a little honesty.

    Oh who am I kidding, these are advertisers we’re talking about. They are genetically incapable of honesty.

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