The folks at LiveAuctioneers put together a (self-serving, but who cares because it’s fun) visual timeline of Apple I auction prices. It spans from the device’s 1976 introduction to the introduction of the Apple ][ (I’m not sure why that’s included, but again, cool), through three recent auctions in 2012, 2013, and 2014. There’s a few Apple I auctions missing—and the company’s focus was to illustrate increasing prices—but it does show how desirable these primitive computers are. The whole thing was made to promote a May 20th auction for what auction house Team Breker has called the “best preserved” Apple I to date.

Check It Out: Visual Timeline of Apple I Auction Prices Since 1976 to Now

Visual Timeline of Apple I Auction Prices Since 1976 to Now

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  1. Scott B in DC

    I think this is the second time in two days TMO hasn’t provided a direct link to an article which is referenced. If you read the article, it was written under the context that one will be coming up for auction soon and speculating what the hammer price will be. Self-serving? Sure, when the auction is hosted on Live Auctioneer. But I would not have known that by reading this article.

    Unfortunatley, this type of article is common at TMO: write a paragraph and go elsewhere. I think that’s a bit of a disservice, especially when I was able to supply better context through an exhausted fog-haze after driving 700-miles in 14 hours.

    Cool? Yes. Knowing that this was produced because one is coming up for auction? Even better!

    BTW: You can find the article at

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