‘Best-Preserved’ Apple I Computer Up for Auction, Could Fetch $325,000

Apple I computer up for auction

Team Breker announced this week that it had a Apple I computer up for auction on May 20th. Not only is the device functioning, the auction house told The Telegraph UK it was “best-preserved example of an Apple-1 computer to appear on the market.”

Apple I computer up for auction
Apple I computer up for auction by Team Breker, including original manuals

Apple I Auction

This Cologne, Germany, auction house has sold at least two Apple I units (April 2013 and October 2013) in the past, and each time it described the units in glowing terms. This one includes the original manual, as well as, “an original letter from Apple Customer Service refusing an upgrade to Apple-II.” It also has the receipt for the motherboard and a cassette interface.

There were only 200 Apple I devices made, and only 60 of those are known to still exist. Of those, only eight are thought to still run, this being one of those units. Team Breker is estimating that it will fetch as much as $325,000.

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